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17 - 25 October 2018 | Tobacco Dock, London

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The Annual Las Vegas Insights Conference hosted by the Southwest, NorthWest, SoCal & Southeast chapters of the Insights Association (formerly the MRA) has grown into a unique event that promotes networking and education. Our 2019 event will bring together research experts who are shaping the future of marketing research insights.

Enjoy three motivating days of high-level content in an energetic, warm and welcoming environment. It’s a genuine peer-to-peer event where life experience merges with learning. You are guaranteed to collaborate and connect with a community of MR professionals “who do what you do,” share your interests and can help you succeed. It’s also a lot of fun.


Ted Waz

The Opinion Economy

Anne Coulter

Research Strategy Group

David Evans


Lori Laflin


Amanda Liu


Holly Kelleher

Guardian Life

Julie Landers

Health Care Service Corporation

Katrina Noelle

KNow Research

Josh Frank

Caesars Entertainment

Wynne Tyree

Smarty Pants

Merrill Dubrow

M/A/R/C Research

Caesars Palace

3570 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109


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The Schedule

Wednesday, February 27th 2019

Reception Location: Augustus 1 room in the Caesars Palace Conference Center

Thursday, February 28th 2019

Speaker: David Evans,  Sr. Manager of Customer Research at Microsoft 

In 2007, a remarkable group of students convened in the lab of Stanford psychologist BJ Fogg. During the semester, they applied his principles of behavioral design to build Facebook apps with hundreds of thousands of users and millions of dollars in revenue. The students went on to found Instagram, design Facebook, lead UX at Google, and publish bestsellers in behavioral design for habit-forming products. Fast forward to 2018, and many of them have doubts about the ethics of their methods. Hoping to sort out the strategy from the overreach, Microsoft’s Dr. David Evans, working with masters’ students in communication at the University of Washington, will speak on a fundamental set of ethical standards that can help designers align to human psychology rather than exploit it. The long-term business gains of doing so will be made clear.

Speaker: Wynne Tyree,  Founder and President of Smarty Pants

In this media-rich immersion, generational frameworks are dimensionalized and then deconstructed. Attendees will learn from generational gurus how lifestages and generations are often confounded and how true consumer insight is derived from the application of various human schemata. Attendees will leave with new inspiration and tools for targeting and product development.

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Speaker: Merrill Dubrow, President & CEO or M/A/R/C

During this engaging presentation I will highlight the importance of transforming our company to meet client & business demands! How did we do it? Where did we get started? How important was this to our company? Are we positioned correctly for the future? I will review the process and answer all the hard questions we had to ask ourselves. I promise that each attendee will walk away with a few takeaways that they can integrate into their company right away!

Speaker: Amanda Liu, Manager, Advanced Products at Aristocrat Technologies Inc.

The market research community is facing many challenges in Las Vegas such as lack of key stakeholders buy-in and competition from data analytics. In Las Vegas, the challenge is obvious if you look at how small the research/insights team are in these large corporations. The role of consumer insights function is limited to measuring guest satisfaction and therefore can’t influence key decisions on a larger scale. In the age of big data, companies are skeptical about consumers voicing “what they want” while they already know “what they did” (big data). This presentation will explore the relationship between consumer insights and data analytics and seek solutions of how the two can work together instead of competing against each other. The talk will also touch on how to win shareholder buy-in along with new innovations that can help us better grasp consumer insights.

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Speaker: Lori Laflin, Customer Experience Champion at Cargill

To nourish the world in a safe, responsible, and sustainable way, Cargill needs to listen to our customers around the world, but how do you build a voice of the customer program that listens to canola farmers in Canada, small bakeries in Argentina, candy manufacturers in the Ukraine, and many of the largest food and beverage companies in the world, and unite a company as diverse as Cargill? 

Come listen to the story of how we united the company around a common set of metrics and tools, using the voice of the customer to help us fulfill our customers’ needs.


Speaker: Ted Waz, CEO and founder of The Opinion Economy

CEO of The Opinion Economy Ted Waz will talk about the rising distributed ledger and blockchain technology. He will also touch on how it will affect the way we collect consumer data and the market research sphere as a whole.

To some, the incredible pivot point around consumer data when coupled with new innovations from blockchain may seem to negatively affect data collection. But this is far from the truth. Distributed ledger and BaaS technology connects to all sorts of digital interfaces. For this sole reason, present methods of collecting online or mobile data won’t be going away. In fact, these new technologies will only leverage collection of consumer data.

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Speaker: Holly Kelleher, Manager, Marketing and Customer Research at Guardian Life

Upping the Game and Keeping Costs Down is targeting the need to track and understand the customer experience efficiently, holistically and in real-time. The presentation will focus on the importance of tracking customer experience, difficulties (e.g., customer type detail, scalability and decentralized information, etc.) and strategies for overcoming obstacles to deliver truly game changing results.
– Overview of business issues and unmet needs, requiring dashboards
– Scalability considerations
– Efficiencies in resources
– Cost savings
– Journey to building dashboards
– Current use of dashboards
– Key learnings along the way
– How to get started

Speaker: Anne Coulter, Managing Director at research strategy group

The presentation will explain the protocol of psychoanalytics, Bayesian choice-based segmentation, and ethnographic videography was used to produce a highly differentiated segmentation study. There will be 3 key parts to the presentation:

  • A description of psychoanalytics and how it is used in mind model labs to understand the unconscious needs that are met when people buy eggs. We will explore ideas such as imprinting, category codes, and the hierarchy of needs that are in play when consumers are buying eggs.  The principles of the research apply to all product categories however.
  • How psychoanalytics results are used to build a series of needs-based statements, and how segments are created using a choice-based Bayesian analytical approach that yields highly differentiated segments. Segments are built from these needs statements – both present and future – and produce highly differentiated results unlike traditional K-Means or cluster based segmentations
  • A description of the segments will be shown and illustrated through the use of a video report based on 3 hour ethnographies conducted in-home and on shopping trips.

Friday, March 1st 2019

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Speaker: Josh Frank, Vice President Gaming, Data Science and Fraud Analytics at Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment is the world’s most geographically diversified casino-entertainment company with major revenue streams from restaurants, entertainment, hotel, and other sources in addition to gaming.  In this presentation the VP of Gaming, Data Science and Fraud Analytics will discuss some of the business questions Caesars faces and how the company uses analytics to solve these questions.  Particular attention will be paid to the use of Advanced Analytics/Data Science to advance the business.  Topics covered include deep learning for visualization, advanced analytics for marketing valuation/marketing reinvestment, machine learning for fraud detection, advanced analytics in sportsbook decisions, and valuing entertainment’s impact on the business.

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Speaker: Katrina Noelle, President of KNow Research 

  • We at KNow Research continually refresh our methodologies to innovate upon in-person, synchronous techniques so they are compatible with our participants’ (and clients’!) ever-changing world. We make it a practice to pilot and test new techniques and approaches for traditional techniques.  For instance, after conducting 1000’s of QIIs (qualitative intercept interviews) for our retail clients, we challenged ourselves to find a way to bring this approach to clients outside the retail space.  The result is KNow Pop-Up Insights Booths; an innovative take on a traditional methodology.
  • In an Insights Booth, intercepted participants give feedback on a topic of interest at a centrally located pop-up location on a ‘learning wall’ and in a short video interview. Clients appreciate visiting the booth, watching the ‘learning wall’ grow and receiving a video highlight reel of key takeaways from the exploration around the topic of interest.
  • Our presentation will walk audience members about how to pilot and test a new approach, using our Insights Booths as our case study/example. We will share the ins and outs of sourcing ideas from your internal and external stakeholder teams, setting up pilot tests, refining approaches and introducing them to your client base.  

Speaker: Julie Landers, Blue Cross Blue Shield

Take a look inside the challenges of health care member and provider research in increasingly challenging times.  Understand the special requirements that Health plans must take and the additional steps necessary to comply with HIPPA requirements.  Will share the challenges when working with vendors to keep member data safe and secure while also capturing important research about preferences and needs of our members.

The Venue

Caesars Hotel and Palace
3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone 866-227-5944
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